SAVE THE PAST, LIVE THE PRESENT, IMAGINE THE FUTURE is a Comenius multilateral partnerships project. The Comenius is a subprogramme of Lifelong Learning programme of the European Union. It is named after the Czech teacher, educator, philosopher and writer John Amos Comenius (1592-1670).

The present project is aimed at helping European students discover the culture of Europe so diverse and with so many similarities and bringing students from different European countries together. Within the project the students will touch subjects which are close to young people and get to know the culture, history, tourist value, nature, educational systems and everyday life of the partner countries. The students will get to know everyday life conditions in different European cities, discover material and cultural heritage of other nations that will have influence on building up the attitude of respect and openness towards variety and distinctness of cultures, customs and religions, trying to consolidate the European dimension in education promoting the collaborative activities between schools. In this project the schools will also talk about green spaces, air quality, nourishing plants and natural parks focusing on the ecological, nutritional and health aspects of these topics. The students and teachers of all participating countries will cooperate closely, exchange information, research and compile scientific data, organize and attend multinational workshops, debate resolutions and draw up problem solving strategies and methods. English will be the working language of the project, and communication in English will, of course, be an important part of it. Between our visits to the schools in partners’ countries we will use ICT to keep in touch, arrange videoconferences via Skype. The participants will acquire and share knowledge, and gain experience in such school subjects as English, each partner’s national language, History, ICT, Sociology, Sport, Art and Music. At the same time they will arrive at a deeper understanding of what it means to be EU citizens.