April 15-19, 2013

At the 2nd reunion our school was represented by the teachers Jekaterina Budo and Anastasija Dimitrijeva and the 11th form students Marija Leiboviča and Vadims Čudinovs.

The topic of this reunion was “A great archaeological area of my country”. Vadims demonstrated the Power Point presentation on Sigulda, Sigulda Medieval Castle and Turaida Castle. The programme of the reunion offered a number of activities such as a painting competition “A wild flower from my country”, a running competition in the ancient town of Olympia, learning a traditional Greek dance – Syrtaki, singing a multinational song about the future, attending classes of History and Religion, Ancient Greek and Physics. The programme also included educational trips to Olympia, the historical city of Naphplion, startling archaeological museums and the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus where all the participants of the project could enjoy the fabulous performance (an extract from “Antigone”, a tragedy by Sophocles) prepared by Greek students.

View the impressions of the reunion below.