September 30th-October 4th, 2013

The fourth Comenius project reunion took place in Koprivnica, Croatia, from September 30th to October 4th, 2013. Our school was represented by the teachers Irina Jeremejeva, Aija Keivomege and Ludmila Kolomenska and the students Diāna Grabeževa (Form 11a), Vjačeslavs Volokotkins (Form 11a), Antons Muzičkins (Form 11a) and Deniss Pūzans (Form 12b).

Diāna, Vjačeslavs, Antons and Deniss are sharing their impressions of Croatia:

“The trip was exciting from the very beginning. We had got to know all the people participating in the project reunion by the end of the first day. While we were there we met a lot of friendly and interesting students and it was fun to talk to them in English. Their school – “Fran Galovic Gymnasium” – has been built quite recently and it looked really cool and modern!

Every day there was full of sport activities. For example, one day we rode bicycles for about 3 kilometres to a beautiful spot with amazing scenery, vineyards and a recreation centre. On another day we participated in a number of exciting races, where our Deniss appeared to be one of the best sportsmen having won five races and having got five medals made by creative Croatian team, very unusual and interesting ones.

We also visited the world-wide famous factory “Podravka” located in Koprivnica. All their high quality products were very tasty, especially jam. In fact, our stay in Koprivnica was a real feast of food, healthy and delicious, local and international, due to the fact that one of the main topics of the reunion was “Traditional Cuisine of My Country”. Thanks to other students’ presentations we learned a lot about traditional food of their countries and had a chance to try some food specialities brought by each partner country. We must say that our rye bread with Riga sprats and herring were highly appreciated by our friends. What is more, we tried roasted chestnuts. Amazing experience – we roasted them ourselves sitting around the fire, enjoying the process and singing songs!

Our trip to Plitvice Lakes, the oldest national park in south-east Europe, has made unforgettable impressions - stunning views, pure water and breathtaking waterfalls.

The families we were staying with were kind and caring. We are grateful to everyone, our new friends, both pupils and teachers, for having become the participants of the project, new experiences and this amazing trip!”