November 18th-22nd, 2013

In November, 2013 our school hosted the participants of the 5th Comenius project reunion. The schoolchildren and teachers of our school met their friends and colleagues from Turkey, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria again.

The guests had an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of our beautiful city, to stroll through the narrow streets of Old Riga, to celebrate Latvian National Day together with all Riga citizens.

Each day of the reunion had its topic. So, one day was devoted to students’ presentations about ethnic minorities in their countries and followed by the educational interactive game “Colourful World”, the message of which was to show that despite being different in skin colour, beliefs and tastes, all people are equal and this is nice.

The topic of the following day was “Health”, the students and teachers met in our school at methodological workshop, where the students demonstrated their knowledge in Biology and English but the teachers could enjoy edutainment process. Later on that day the whole team had a documentary visit to Pauls Stradinš Museum for History of Medicine.

The topic of Thursday was „Make Peace! No war!” All the students and teachers worked together in small groups creating their peaceful worlds, which they had to destroy later imagining the war and its atrocities and restore again after the imaginary war had finished. The activity was really touching and sensitive, all the participants learned how important to live in peace, how fragile it is and how important to save it. They also visited Latvian War Museum and learned a lot about history of Latvia and other European countries.

On the last day our guests could enjoy the view of the city from the TV tower – the highest TV tower in Europe.

During the reunion we became friends forever and learned a lot about the traditions, culture, everyday life and education systems of partner countries. We also gained invaluable experience of international communication and teamwork in multi-cultural environment.