Date Description of the activities
September 2012 Establishing contacts with the partners' schools. Making up the Project Team. Collecting information about the partners’ schools.
October 2012 „My school, my town, my country, my Europe”, „Educational system in Latvia” preparing Power Point presentations. Creation of the „Photo-group”. Completing questionnaires, finding out about the students needs and expectations.
November 2012 The first project meeting in Turkey. The Project Blog. „An hour with my grandfather/grandmother” – round table talk with veterans, common people and personalities. Essays about the importance of communication between generations.
December 2012 Short PPt and video about Christmas and New Year traditions.
January 2013 Contest of project logo. The Comenius Corner – displaying the project products. Starting the project journal.
February 2013 „Move to improve” a small lesson of aerobic dance, making up a short film.
March 2013 Creation of the Photo club and exhibition with drawings and photos about the folk customs in Latvia.
April 2013 The second project meeting in Greece. „The history still present in our lives”, PPt about history of Riga and Latvia.
May 2013 The third project meeting in Poland. Working in the ICT lab with the pictures made during the meetings about the customs and traditions in each partner school.
June 2013 Organizing exhibitions with the students’ posters and drawings about tradition in each country. Sending one poster to each partner school.
„Brotherhood of the World” – exhibition with the students’ photos, printed photo album (1st year outcome)
September 2013 „Our roots” – activities with local hand craftmen: ceramics, hand stitching, braids, etc.
The fourth project meeting in Croatia.
„History and Religion” – debates with specialist about common past and history, history of religions, finding similarities and differences. Learning to be tolerant and to understand different opinions.
October 2013 Starting to prepare the booklet of common words in all native languages of partners' schools, making connection between the similar words.
November 2013 „2013 – International year of citizenship”. Essays about human’s rights in different parts of the world.
The fifth project meeting in Latvia.
„A town of future” – a small scale of the future town made from reusable materials. Fashion show with clothes made from recycled materials.
December 2013 PPt/video about ethnic minorities. Traditional and modern music of ethnic minorities.
„What do I do for my health, how I can improve my future” – discussion about healthy food. PPt/video about healthy dishes in Latvia. The best traditional recipes, cooking a dish.
January 2014 „Preserving history, living the present and save for the future” – discussions and questionnaires about past, present and future in our common life.
February 2014 The sixth project meeting in Bulgaria. A Photo gallery about customs and tradition and environment problems and way to solve them.
Presentations about traditional dances and music.
March 2014 „International Day of the Forest” – planting flowers and trees in the neighbourhood of the school or in the school garden.
Organizing exhibitions with the students’ posters and drawings about environment protection and writing essays about what people can do for a green future of the Earth.
April 2014 The final project meeting in Romania.
„Our games – our lessons” – demonstration of traditional games.
„Come and read with me” – learning about fairy-tales and legends.
May 2014 Finishing the booklet with common words.
June 2014 Publishing the book of the project in English and Latvian. Analyzing and evaluating the project activities. Finishing the project website.
Regular during the 1st and 2nd years of the project. Videoconferences with partners' schools. Posting monthly materials related to the project activities on the blog. Sharing the information and prepared materials with the partners.